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Is NavAir Culture Dead?  pdf 

Tailhook lives  pdf

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Jeanne Sharkey Hall of Fame, PDF

The New Navy Leaguer


Lorraine Hughey, orbituary, 05Feb14
National Director of the Navy Sea Cadets Corps

100 Years of Naval Aviation
Seapower, May 2011  (2.9Mb)
More links from a special letter from Seapower 

Some Random Photos taken 2010 08Feb11

Virtual Tour of the Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf   Tour

Selection of Rich_Radigonda's
Murals of the Hornet with various flying machines
seen at the Travis AFB Museum

Air Force Rules of Engagement pdf

The slowest Blackbird flight or  pdf (slow)


Upcoming Events view all proposed & more details, 

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Dinner
07Dec15, Mon, 1800 info&signup

Toys for Tots Brunch
17Dec15, Thurs, 12 to 1500, info&signup

Prior Events  view all

USN/USMC Birthday, info/signup
22Oct15. Thurs, 1800  

Tender rides for 2015 Fleet Week
8,9,10, 11Oct2015, Thurs-Sun YBI, infor/signup

10th Annual Veterans Memorial Golf Tournament
Monday, 31Aug2015, info & signup,

USCG Birthday Dinner
20Aug15, Thurs, 1800, info/signup 

PCR region meeting at Coast Guard Island.
29Aug2015, Coast Guard Isl, info/signup  

USCG Station Vallejo Cookout
12Jun15, Fri, info & signup 

Cook out, Marines Center
01May15, Fri 1130, sign-up info 

Services Awards Dinner
14Apr15, Tues, info & signup  winners 

Navy League of the US Pacific Central Region membership meeting, 27Mar15, Fri, Sat, signup  

Naval War College Symposium
28Mar15, Sat, Global Hotspots, flyer, signup 

2015 Installation Dinner
05Feb15, Thurs, info & signup

Santa needs you, gift card

Christmas Brunch
Sat, 13Dec 2014, 1200,at Sharkey's, info&signup

Annual Drawing Naval Sea Cadets
05Dec2014 deadline before the drawing
cover, Raffle Tickets

Pearl Harbor Dinner
Thurs, 04Dec1014, RADM Servidio, USCG Dest 11 CO  info&signup  note1, note2

CA Maritime Academy at Vallejo
20Nov2014, Thurs, info&signup

Join the Concord Marines' BBQ
Thurs, 30Oct2014, info&signup

Sea Services Birthdays
Thurs, 23Oct2014, info&signup

Fleet Week, front row seat
Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, 9-12Oct YBI, info&signup

9th Annual Veterans Memorial Golf Tournament
15Sep14, Mon,  Invite, Sign-up Sponsor letter

Annual Coast Guard Awards Luncheon
Fri, 05Sep2014, info/signup 

Coast Guard Birthday dinner
Thu, 21Aug2014, info/signup 

NL Annual Convention
24-29Jun2014, San Diego, details